Does this sound like you?

You’re a business owner, teacher, thought-leader, or content-creator and you

  • Have been teaching or working with clients for years (or even decades)… and you’re ready to scale

  • Know it’s time to serve BIGGER and help more people awaken in consciousness, but you’re limited by your current business model

  • Want to bring your life’s work online to reach more people (and finally leverage your time!) but the technology & marketing overwhelms you

  • Have launched some digital programs in the past… but they weren’t as successful as you’d hoped

  • Have tons of content – and a new idea every 5 mins – so you need help deciding what to focus on and how to prioritize what you launch first

  • Are ready to grow your business, income & impact in a way that feels truly sustainable

Imagine the impact you could make by reaching 10x – or even 100x – the people you work with right now…

Instead of 20-30 people, you could be serving hundreds or thousands of people all around the world.

NOW is the time…

The world is online right now – and the demand for soul-centered teachings is greater than ever before.

That’s the power of online marketing.

It’s not about “selling more stuff” – it’s about serving bigger.

It’s about reaching the people who need (and want) your message.

It’s about moving OUT of your comfort zone… in service to your mission.

I’m Destinee Berman, and I’m going to help you


so you can:

Serve Bigger

Reach more people…

change more lives

Get Inspired

With the energy & space

you need to create

Have more freedom

Leverage your time and

increase your income

In the last 5 years, I’ve led more than 70+ online course launches, generating 15.2M in revenue in both mainstream and niche markets, ranging from astrology and oracle cards to yoga trainings, relationship coaching, and more…


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Launch Your Calling


TRANSLATE your teachings into a digital / online format… without losing their potency!

Master the art of AUTHENTIC marketing with frameworks and examples that make it simple.

Grow your online AUDIENCE (email lists, social followers) quickly.

Get SUPPORT and accountability to stay on track, every step of the way.

Create your first profitable online launch (or DOUBLE your revenue from your last launch.)

Know exactly what to focus on by using a step-by-step strategy PROVEN to work in your space.

Get your work out to those who need it most – ANYWHERE in the world.

Gain CLARITY on the big-picture vision for your business – and how to get there.

You’ll discover what actually works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to sharing your work online… so you can skip the headaches, and stay focused on what you do best: being of service.

This is NOT a “firehose of information” figure-it-out-yourself kind of curriculum.

It’s an action-oriented training where you’ll TAKE ACTION on what you’re learning each week – and be supported every step of the way.

Are you ready to
transform more lives than
ever before?

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About Your Guide…

Destinee Berman is a digital marketer and online launch manager, with a lifelong love of the intuitive arts.

After a successful 14-year career in the corporate tech space, she transitioned in 2014 to supporting mindfulness leaders grow their online businesses. She has since helped many renowned teachers and healers bring their life’s work online – changing the lives of thousands of participants from around the world and earning millions in total revenue.

Destinee’s unique combination of leadership, skillful execution and direct understanding of spiritual work has made her the “go-to” launch strategist in the transformation and spiritual education space. Till now, she has only been able to work with a small number of clients at any given time. She created Launch Your Calling to share her proven strategies with business owners and thought leaders who are ready to share their work online and serve bigger.

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Launch Your Calling opens for enrollment